You will receive a ‘Quick Taxi Journey Acknowledgement’ email for the journey(s) you have paid for. It is your duty to ensure that the information given to us is complete and correct.

You will receive a ‘Journey Details’ email when a driver has been assigned to a journey. This email will consist of pick-up details and the driver’s contact number. Do not forget to take these details when you arrive at the pickup point. Quick Taxi will not make any refunds if the passenger is careless in this regard.

In case of flights that are missed for any possible reason, Quick Taxi will not be held accountable.

Quick Taxi uses the shortest possible routes to and from the airport. However, in case of flight departures, to avoid any trouble, the passenger should reach the airport at least two hours before the departure time of the flight. Quick Taxi is not responsible for the passenger missing his/her flight if they do not arrive at the airport with enough margin for flight departure. 

All passengers should have proper travel insurance before they book a cab with us.

It is advised that passengers wait for the driver for a maximum of 45 minutes instead of using any other mode of transport if the driver does not arrive on time.

If you have any questions regarding what vehicle is best suitable for your passenger, luggage and journey requirements, kindly contact our customer service helpline for a detailed guidance. In case your luggage/passenger requirements cannot be accommodated by the vehicle you have chosen, Quick Taxi will not be held responsible.

The driver has the authority to choose an appropriate route for the journey. If you wish to travel by an alternate route, there might be additional charges to the fare which varies from case to case.

If you are landing at a UK airport, we will require your arrival timings to decide a time of pickup. 

In case, your flight is delayed due to any issues such as weather conditions, inform us as soon as possible so that we make arrangements accordingly.

Quick Taxi uses both their own transport as well as that of other companies.

If you book transport on the mentioned dates and timings, a 50% extra will be added to the total fare of the journey on the prices stated in the quotation:

18:00pm on 24th December to 23:59 on 26th December, 18:00 on 31st December to 23:59 on 1st January and other days with significant events taking place also come under the same condition.